Tarun Panwar/Non-binary/Cast: Name Is Love - Gaurav Gupta Studio
Tarun/Non-binary/Cast: Name Is Love

Q: What makes you love yourself?

The idea and the feeling that I can be good to myself and others makes me love myself

Q: What does love mean to you?

Love is euphoric. According to me, love means a moment of pure feelings.

Q: How was your experience shooting for GG?

It was very interesting. I am very excited for this project because it is my first time working with an Indian couture designer and also for the India Couture Week which is a cherry on the cake.

Q: How did you feel wearing these outfits?

I always wear tailored clothes but wearing couture gowns was special because the details in those garments just make you feel awestruck every time.

Q: How do you defy gender labels with the kind of work that you are doing?

Ever since I was young, I never saw the ‘gender labels’. I have always been comfortable knowing that my gender is fluid and I preach this though process to everyone I talk to.

Q: Do you see a change in people now?

Change is the only constant. I see how everyone’s perception of the future changes every single second, and younger generations are not just smart but very empathetic too.

Q: When did you realise that you identify yourself as non-binary and how was the whole experience like?

Gender and sexuality is always fluid, of course, I did know how I felt but I never ran away from my feelings or indulge in them too much. I just let it organically take its course and accepted how I felt about my gender and sexuality with time.

Q: You managed to channelize your identity in your field of work gracefully. Was it difficult or were you able to initiate that transition smoothly?

This is a very personal question and now I see my work as an androgynous model giving people strength and hope. Was it difficult to do the work that I am doing? No! This is only possible because of my agency and how they always strive to smash society’s toxic standards. This made it very easy for me to channelize this strength in my field of work.

Q: How did your friends, family and loved ones react when you expressed yourself?

In terms of my sexuality, my friends and work have been accepting and encouraging. I still haven’t opened up to my parents about my sexuality—although, they accepted my androgynous modelling because for them fashion is bizarre and queer.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I would love myself to be in an creative space such as filmmaking or doing art.

Q: Do you have a message you want to send others who might be questioning gender roles and/or are still inhibited to openly express themselves?

What others think of you is their opinion, not yours. Beat that voice or use it to your advantage to feel more motivated than ever! And eventually they will turn around and accept you for who you truly are!

Q: Who has been your biggest inspiration?

All those artists who feel out of place but never give up and fight back!


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