S/S Couture 2023 - Gaurav Gupta Studio
S/S Couture 2023 - 'Secret of Shores'

For this collection, we have weaved the secrets of shores in our sculptural couture – mermaids poised on the rocks, abstract corals luminous from within, and fins craved with our indigenous techniques have been interpreted with endlessly glittering and enchanting silhouettes emerging out of the ocean.

Sand-coloured satins, crepes and tules are basking in gilded sunrays-like embroideries interspersed with art nouveau-inspired gothic overlays enhanced with infinite glass bugle beads and metal coil embroideries.

Lehengas and gowns are made voluminous with the fluid play of organza layers which move like the waves of the ocean. We have explored new hybrid silhouettes like sensual lehengas and saree lehengas which are more sculptural and mermaid-esque

There are violets and purples along with ocean blue reminiscent of the colour of the dusk at the shore. There is also a colour of the dew imagined in an array of shimmering golds, and sparkling silvers which reflect the shores glowing in the bright sun.


Silhouettes: Gowns, Saree Gowns, Lehengas, Saree Lehengas

Colours: Sage Gold, Soft Violet, Dark Lavender, Egyptian Blue, Pewter

Fabric: Silk Crepe, Organza, Silk Satin, Georgette, Tulle







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