Gaurav Gupta is all set to showcase at the Haute Couture Week in Paris

Avant-garde has been his middle name ever since Gaurav Gupta launched his label close to two decades back. He once described himself to t2 as a “mixed media artist”, carefree and uninhibited in his pattern-making and draping. “It’s always good if you are original and a bit mad,” Gaurav had told us. Gaurav’s aesthetics are edgy and modern mixed with drama and fun. International and how. And, the couturier is getting ready to showcase the same at Haute Couture Week in Paris (Spring/Summer) in January 2023.

“The brand has had a fantastic year wherein we have successfully collaborated with some of the globally renowned cultural catalysts for iconic red carpet events and other significant moments for our first (of many) showcase at Paris Couture Week, we want to define our brand language in the global arena. We will showcase our strong, conceptual mindscape which will be translated visually as future primitive, artistic couture alongside our brand pillars of surrealism and fanaticism,” Gaurav told t2ONLINE.”-Saionee Chakraborty, t2Online