Gaurav Gupta for Santati Exhibition Celebrating 150 years of Mahatma Gandhi—A special art exposition on his life, legacy and legend.
It was presented at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai from 3rd October to 15th November 2019.

“Gandhi is an amorphous soul just like the power of truth, the power of belief, the power of god and the power of light—it follows a continuum and forms a loop of infinity. It is intense, immense, spiral.Through my installation the idea is to interpret an immensity of his message which takes immediate, deep roots in the mind, wherever it scatters. Gandhi’s heart was medically certified to have had a perfect heartbeat—this goes to show that he was in harmony with his inner self and was in sync with himself and his surroundings, an exemplary example of striking the perfect balance. I wish that when someone stands in the centre of this installation and interacts with it, they reflect upon the simplicity of Gandhi and the harmony of his heartbeat. I want each one of them to talk to the Gandhi inside of them by reflecting on the Gandhi in front of them”.- Gaurav